qeeg2A Digital qEEG or Quantitative Electroencephalography is the initial assessment tool and considered standard of care in the field to guide your neurofeedback sessions. This state of the art tool is used to help determine what areas of your brain may or may not be working efficiently.

By measuring and mapping out the electrical activity produced by your brain, it can also be used as a guide to help aid in diagnosis as well as guide in medication choices. By knowing how your
brain functions and how various medications effect the EEG your team can help determine what medication may be helpful for your specific symptoms. Several groups around the world are looking at qEEG guided assessment as a tool for various treatments and a promising body of evidence is accumulating. It’s also being used to measure treatment outcomes by measuring and comparing pre and post treatment changes in the qEEG. In the context of neurofeedback therapy, the information gathered from the qEEG is used to create a highly targeted and effective treatment protocol for the neurofeedback sessions, eliminating time, guesswork and frustration.

The qEEG report additionally provides us with information on how and where the brainwaves are distributed, the connectedness or coherence of the regions of the brain, as well as an in-depth comparison to a large normative sample comparing your patterns to that of age-matched individuals without symptoms.