Neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback is an evidence based therapy with a foundation in neuroscience. During neurofeedback individuals are trained to improve their brain function through self-regulation. The process is painless and easy. Small sensors are placed on the scalp and the brainwaves are then measured and displayed on a monitor for the trainee to observe. These brainwaves can then be reward or inhibited depending on the desired effect. A person learns to control these brainwaves to achieve a desired state. Often times the brain waves are rewarded with different forms of feedback including movies, video games or even the individual’s favorite music.

Objective measures are gathered from each session to monitor progress. Individuals typically report noticing improvements in as few as 5 sessions. Published data suggests most people require between 30-40 sessions for lasting benefits. Unlike many other behavioral based therapies, neurofeedback training results in a change in an individual’s brainwave patterns that does not require them to consciously practice the skills they have learned during training. In other words, you won’t have to think about feeling better, it will happen by changing the brainwave patterns.

Neurofeedback Slide Presentation