Neurofeedback Goes Mainsteam

Neurofeedback According to Newsweek magazine, Neurofeedback has gone mainstream.

The promise of neurofeedback is to shift our brain waves back to health without drugs, exercise or even meditation. Clients suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, anger or depression can simply sit in a comfortable chair for half-hour sessions with a few wires protruding from their scalp and get a mental tune-up, if not a complete rewiring of an off-kilter brain.

-from Newsweek 5/9/16 “Rewiring Your Brain- Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream

This may fall into the category of ordinary people discovering what scientists have known for years, but it’s good news for your brain, as this mind- blowing therapy becomes more widely available.

Neurofeedback is a computer-aided training method in which the patient’s own brain activity can be monitored and improved. It has been shown to successfully help patients overcome a variety of neurological and behavioral disorders including ADD, PTSD, Traumatic brain injury, and many more.

Synergy Neurofeedback in Fort Collins, Colorado offers Neurofeedback and EEG Biofeedback. During sessions, our highly trained Naturopathic physicians help patients train and improve their brain functioning through self-regulation.

The process is painless and easy. Small sensors are placed on the scalp and the brainwaves are then measured and displayed on a monitor for the trainee to observe. These brainwaves can then be reward or inhibited depending on the desired effect. A person learns to control these brainwaves to achieve a desired state. Often times the brain waves are rewarded with different forms of feedback including movies, video games or even the individual’s favorite music.

Individuals typically report noticing improvements in as few as 5 sessions.

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