Neurofeedback and Addiction

Research suggests that neurofeedback training can be helpful for those who are struggling with addiction.

This preliminary study compared the effectiveness of neurofeedback and medications versus medications alone in the treatment of 100 patients who were addicted to crystal mephamphetamine. Results showed that the patients who received neurofeedback and medications had lower severity of addiction, better mental health and better quality of life than those who were treated with medication alone.

Another study looked at the effectiveness of neurofeedback in the treatment of opiate addiction. One group of opiate addicted pateints received medication while another group received medication and 30 sessions of neurofeedback.

They found that the group that received neurofeedback showed improvement in “somatic symptoms, depression, and total score in general mental health;…and relief from withdrawal of craving” when compared to the group who were treated with medication alone. 

If you are struggling with addiction and would like to try neurofeedback, come to the Wholeness Center and schedule your QEEG recording today!


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