About Us

Synergy Neurofeedback

Wholeness center, Fort CollinsSynergy Neurofeedback is a division of Wholeness Center in Northern Colorado (www.wholeness.com). Working as a team with psychiatrists and physicians, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive list of services that includes neurofeedback and QEEG assessments. Whether you want to limit, taper or discontinue your existing medications, or just perform at your peak level, neurofeedback therapy can likely help you or your child. Your treatments are overseen by physicians who went to medical school and studied the brain neurology. As one of the few clinics in the country offering neurofeedback overseen by a medically trained staff, you can be assured that are getting the highest level of care.
Having trained under the guidance of individuals who started the field in the 1970’s, Dr. Steven Rondeau has vast experience in the study and application of neurofeedback and qEEG assessment. In fact, in the last year alone our team has administered and reviewed over 400 qEEG reports.
So with extensive experience and a team of doctors available to meet your individual needs, Synergy Neurofeedback and Wholeness Center partner with you to provide the best possible outcomes using the latest evidence based diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.